What is Anex?

Find furry friends at the con!

AnthroExpo (also known as AnEx) is an annual hotel-based furry convention that takes place in central Oklahoma. We started back in 2020, and have been growing quickly ever since. The official mascots for AnthroExpo are Andrea the Scissortail Flycatcher and Exavier the Prairie Dog.

The aim of AnEx is to provide a welcoming place for fandoms in Oklahoma and regionally, to promote dealers and artists alike, and to bring about a renewed sense of community for furries.

It is ran completely by volunteers. We have 70+ year-round staff members (from Scissortail Fandoms Inc.) and additional day-of volunteers at the con!

Our convention brings in hundreds of visitors and has raised tens of thousands of dollars for our yearly charity partners.

Thank you for following our growth and staying with us all these years!

Our mascots Exavier the Prairie Dog and Andrea the Scissortail Flycatcher are standing back-to-back in punk attire.